Happy New Year Post?!

First, sure it's February, sure the new year past like a month ago, but whatev's. Just some subway sketches - I'm sort of aiming to do 100 of theses... :/ dunno if that'll happen but it be cool. In a way theres a serious autodestruct (Paul Richards) / Zak Smith bent to these ... don't know if that's a good thing or not but I do enjoy both of their works.

Hopefully this week I'll finish the traditional media painting I'm working and so be able to show it off...

But here are the sketches

the last one is cropped as the lower section just wasn't working - I was thinking a sort of zombie-papa don't preach thing, but I didn't get the bottom to work.

these are all done in pen, sharpie, an' white-out in my moleskin.

edit: ya I know draw better faces and hands and feet - I know I know it's like super bad!

Oh yea I switched from Animation at Seneca to Illustration...
Here's an assignment - I like the first three panels but the 4th is just TERRIBAD; I was totally digging the Zak Smith in this. I think it worked mostly and I really like the 2nd and 3rd panels.