Life Drawing with a Sad Face

I've been feeling pretty down/ burnt out lately... and I think it's really effecting my life drawings, a lot. Before the march break I really felt like I had turned a corner, reached a new stage or whatever - that my life drawings were really heading a new and awesomely good direction, still lots of areas to improve in but I was really improving. But these last like 3? weeks have been really depressing, I'm exhausted, burnt out, stressed, and then my drawings have really fallen flat - and well it's left me fellin' pretty shitty all in all. Anywho here's a little retrospective starting week 1 and ending now in week 10.

I believe the break was here ...

well yeah I think that's pretty representative... of my work so far this semester. I really feel I hit something by week 7 (6th drawing) and that I've lost it now.